Who We Are

We are a group of qualified and registered physician associates (PAs) and doctors, who have teamed up together to produce a platform for prospective students, current students and qualified professionals. We have graduated from different universities scattered around the United Kingdom and work in both primary and secondary care. Our wide range of skills and experiences motivated us to create this platform, which includes a question bank written by us and fellow students from a variety of different universities.

Friendly team




Please note that pa2be is not affiliated with any other brands or companies. This website is based on UK guidelines and overseas users may have trouble accessing the reference links. 

Our Mission

We want to raise awareness to the profession and offer a helping hand to those aspiring too! Providing guidance on applications including personal statements and interview preparation seems to be the best way forward. Originally we held interactive workshops, however, due to Covid-19 we started working remotely.


Our Ethos

Having a career in healthcare, you are choosing to help others by improving their quality of life for a living. We like to branch out to others around the world who deserve a chance of a better life. A percentage of profits are donated at the end of every month for a number of reasons such as aiding; water, food, medical bills, building schools and hospitals around the world to those who need it. We do not believe in giving to just one charity and sometimes split the percentages over a few different causes every month.


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