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All packages include: correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar, feedback highlighting areas, which need improvement and sticking to a post-graduate level writing style.

Please note that final draft readings are available upon request for those who have purchased a personal statement package.

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Personal statement service for 500 word count limit document
Personal statement service for 500-1,000 word count limit document
Personal statement service for 1,000-1,500 word count limit document
Personal statement service for 1,500-2,500 word count limit document

*If you are unable to add a product to your cart, this will be due to our team being busy marking all current personal statements. Please note that we update our product availability on a daily basis, so be sure to check again soon. Thank you for your patience.

Personal Statements

We have a team who are experienced and highly skilled at reading through and marking personal statements. At current, we have a 96% rate of our clients successfully being offered an invitation to university interviews. If you are planning to apply to the Physician Associate programme within the UK, you can send us your personal statement online where we aim to send it back to you within 5-7 working days. Please make sure you include the required word limit and questions you are answering in your uploading document so we can ensure you’re on the right track.

*We understand sometimes it is very difficult to stick to the word limit and we will help you shorten your work. You must purchase the service reflecting the current word count in your document. Please include the universities you are planning on applying to and the required word count in your document.

Online Personal Statement Prep Webinar

An interactive online group webinar hosted by a pa2be team member, guiding you on how to write your personal statement. 


Top Tips

We advise to everyone that if you’d like to abbreviate “physician associate” you need to write it out first like so; “physician associate (PA)”.

Great ways to gain some work experience; volunteering at elderly care homes, shadowing at dental practices or schools.

See Personal Statement structural tips below.

  • An opening sentence, which grabs a screenshot of your background and/or intentions to becoming a PA.
  • We personally don’t encourage a cliché “my ______ is a doctor and it’s inspired me…”.
  • Include your educational background and how it has set you up nicely for the PA course.
  • Write about your experiences in a “point, evidence, explanation” manner. For example; “ I have learnt good communication skills during my work experience at children’s nursery (POINT). I observed the members of staff explaining scientific knowledge to children using basic language (EVIDENCE). This is an essential skill in becoming a successful PA, as communicating medical jargon into layman’s terms during patient interactions will be a lifelong requirement (EXPLANATION)”.
  • Try and make the bulk of your personal statement into “point, evidence, explanation”, we recommend at least four- five skills.
  • We encourage including; communication skills, teamwork, empathy, data analysis, any medical experience/exposure and any educational experiences that have equipped you with skills for the PA career or programme.
  • The last paragraph should be short and sweet, it can include something personal or anything else you wish to add. Your concluding sentence should round up and summarise your reasons for becoming a PA or wanting to return to education.

What People Are Saying

“Pa2be has helped me throughout my application process, not only did she help me write the most amazing personal statement, she has been there to answer any questions and give me advice whenever I need it. Pa2be has given me the confidence that I can become a successful PA and I can’t wait to start my course!”
Personal Statement
“I was honestly blown away at how much my personal statement needed correcting.”
Personal Statement
“I couldn’t be more happy with the feedback I received about my personal statement, the quality of writing and adjustment of the word count was definitely something I couldn’t have done myself! Pa2be was super quick with reading it and her super friendly approach made it that much easier to message again for further help. I would definitely go back for more guidance in the future!”
Personal Statement
“Thank you SO much for every little bit of help/support you’ve given me along the way! I can’t believe I got into my first choice! I would’ve never been able to do it without your help and guidance!”
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